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Hobby Parts Finder

Introduction into the Hobby Parts Finder

What is the Hobby Parts Finder? The Hobby Parts Finder system powered by Retailer Portal provides you with a powerful parts finder for your hobby ecommerce website. Once enabled, your customers will have a simple way of finding all the parts you carry that fit the make and model if their RC Vehicles.  Customer Selects

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Setting Up the Hobby Parts Finder

Requirements: To begin using the Hobby Parts Finder system, you will need to: Install the Year Make Model – EasySearch app (from the Shopify App Store) on your Shopify site, and Request to have the Parts Filter tool enabled in your Retailer Portal account. Once the YMM – EasySearch app and Parts Filter tool are enabled,

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Additional Details on the Parts Finder system

About the Parts Filter Tool: This page covers some of the details in the part finder system in greater detail. For information about the initial setup of the Parts Finder, see Introduction into the Hobby Parts Finder and Setting Up the Hobby Parts Finder. The Parts Filter tool has 3 main components: Commands, CSV Export, and the

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accumula-lightspeed and retail portal

Command: Push Accumula Tag to LightSpeed

Accumula is a bridge system that enables retailers to fully publish products from Lightspeed R or Lightspeed X to Shopify eCommerce. PDBHub‘s optional accumula command provides you with the additional ease of bulk processing. Building items with Lightspeed + Accumula has never been easier! Step 1 – filter your products for desired set In this example,

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Video: Using the TGTG Catalog Redirects on a Shopify Site

This video shows you how easy it is to activate your latest TGTG Catalog on your website when you are using a eCat with products links and the Retail Portal’s TGTG Redirects functions. Topics covered in this video Pre-determined eCat URLs  Selecting the latest TGTG Issue in Retail Portal Mapping catalog items to your

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Product Data by Vendor

The brands you know and trust Click the button below to view the vendors we work with. View a full list of our partner vendors When you’re logged in to Retail Portal, each vendor link will take you to the products we have for the vendor. If you’re not logged in, each link will take

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Introduction to the Retailer Portal

The Retailer Portal is where a site manager can control data pulled from your POS system that is then matched with digital product details and synced with your eCommerce website. You will also find resources for Product management Vendor matching (vendor lookup) Activity Logs & Reports STN product access Login to Retailer Portal Request Login

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How to use PDBHub to push product data to your ecom website

step 1: connect to your ecom website See the setup page for your ecom platform if you have not yet established connection: Shopify | WooCommerce | BigCommerce | STN eCommerce step 2: (optional) connect to your POS system You may want to connect your POS system to your PDBHub account in order to process data prior

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Automated Push Settings – Full Data & Fill-in

Automated Push Product Data to Your Website With these powerful options, on a nightly basis PDBHub system will perform matchup services and then update your website products for you, based upon your configuration settings. Automated Push of All Available Data When enabled, if a product is matched to an STN product and there is no

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Automated Matchup & Push – Virtuemart

Automated Nightly Match-Up & PUSH On a nightly basis, PDBHUb system will perform matchup services and then create new website products for you, or update existing web items for you – based upon available product data. Under standard settings, new products will be generated according to the following rules: Only Items that are In-Stock will

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Manual Product Matching

Sometimes you will need to matchup products manually if the supplied data is not clean enough for automated matching of products. This video shows you how to: Filter for items that need to be matched. Isolate product groups (by vendor in this example) Start a Matchup select the vendor(s) to match to use the matching

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Marking items on the fly while in the Check window

Faster Review: Use the [Mark >] button to checkmark items without leaving the Check/Compare Window.  Tip Use the Column filters to first isolate items you wish to work with. for example, all Automatically Matched items from a specific vendor. × Dismiss alert Check Window Options As you are reviewing matched items from your Store Products

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Logs – Actions Log

After you Run a Command from Your Store Products feed, the system has bots which will check your account every 5 minutes to see if there are commands in the queue to run for you. Depending on when the bots last checked your account, your requested actions may start in a few seconds or may

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Command – Get all product data from (website or POS)

You can run the ‘Get All Product data from ______’ if you wish to reload you Store Products data with the most recent data from your ecommerce website or POS feed. This action command typically runs automatically for you every night, so you do not typically need to run it manually, but it can be

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