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Shopify Setup

It’s super easy to connect your Shopify eCommerce site to the world’s leading product database of toys, games, books and more. Follow these steps: Setup Steps Signup for an STN Remote eCommerce plan After signup confirmation, return to this page and complete the Shopify Setup form below. We will email you a link with instructions …

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How to use PDBHub to push product data to your ecom website

step 1: connect to your ecom website See the setup page for your ecom platform if you have not yet established connection: Shopify | WooCommerce | BigCommerce | STN eCommerce step 2: (optional) connect to your POS system You may want to connect your POS system to your PDBHub account in order to process data prior …

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Automated Push Settings – Full Data & Fill-in

Automated Push Product Data to Your Website With these powerful options, on a nightly basis PDBHub system will perform matchup services and then update your website products for you, based upon your configuration settings. Automated Push of All Available Data When enabled, if a product is matched to an STN product and there is no …

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What are ‘Commands’? Commands are actions you can run to push, pull, and adjust your data. You can do things like get product data from your ecom account, check products for matching product data, push data to your website, etc. Where to Run Commands After logging into Retail Portal, go to Data Feeds > Store …

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