How to use PDBHub to push product data to your ecom website

step 1: connect to your ecom website

See the setup page for your ecom platform if you have not yet established connection: Shopify | WooCommerce | BigCommerce | STN eCommerce

step 2: (optional) connect to your POS system

You may want to connect your POS system to your PDBHub account in order to process data prior to posting it on your ecom site. Contact STN for setup options:

step 3: Initial Data Sync

After account connection, there will be an initial data sync in order to populate PDBHub with data from your ecom site or POS system. In most cases, this will happen automatically within the first 20 minutes after setup. If you have more than 2,000 SKUs in your data feeds, some sites may take several hours for this first sync.

See also: How to Get all Product Data from your website or POS system


Step 4: Match your product data to the STN data library

Your PDBHub account is setup with both Automated Product Matching and Manual Product Matching.

Step 5: Push Product Data to your website

Use the Vendor Lookup tools to manage vendor associations.

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