Automated Matchup & Push

Automated Nightly Match-Up & PUSH

On a nightly basis, PDBHUb system will perform matchup services and then create new website products for you, or update existing web items for you – based upon available product data. Under standard settings, new products will be generated according to the following rules:

  • Only Items that are In-Stock will be generated (by default, QOH > 0)
  • Only Items where the POS Item Number does not yet exist on the website will be created
  • All New products will be assigned to a special category so you can easily find them
  • All New products will be created in a Unpublished state, so you can review them prior the them being sold online
  • Products with No Images will be created with a -100 ranking value so that they will be shown last to shoppers; or you may choose not to have said products created in the first place.
  • Product SKUs will be created using the POS’ primary Item ID (often referred to as POS Product SKU)

Matching Parameters

Using product data points such as established barcodes (UPC, EAN or ISBN barcodes) and/or Vendor SKUs, our system matches the correct items to your supplied data over 99% of the time. It is important to maintain good, clean data.

When presented with clean data, the PDBHub system can be expected correct data (99% + correct) on 60% or more of the items in a typical Independent Toy Store.

see also: Vendor Lookup options and Working with your Store Products Data

How to Activate the New Web Items

Joomla VirtueMart:  see this page

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