Product Data Requests: Fixing Unmatched Products

Sometimes retailers will provide data feeds with incorrect SKU or UPC barcode data. In these situations, your product may already exist within your product library, but our automated system don’t have enough information at hand to correctly matchup a POS record with the right item.  We have a couple tools at your fingertips for resolving these issues.

Manually Matching

If a requested item is clearly using incorrect SKU or Barcode data, but it is otherwise clear what the item is, you can use the Manual Matchup button to assign the correct product to the retailer’s POS item. The item will then show up on the Retailer’s Portal view as Matched by Vendor. The item will also disappear from your Product Request Report.

Alternative SKU

If an item is being requested by multiple retailers with the wrong SKU, it may be that they are using an old SKU you had for the item, or an unofficial SKU that just happens to make logical sense to the retailer. In either case, you can assign an Alternative SKU to any of your items in order to facilitate automated matching of these items. After setting an Alt SKU, allow 24 hours for the Product Request Reports to resolve these items.

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