Command – Purge Store Data

You can use the “Purge Store Data” command if you wish to completely remove ALL product data from your PDBHub Store Products table. This action does NOT remove anything from your website or POS system. 

The table will be rebuilt with new data on your subsequent scheduled sync or CSV upload. Status details for the products (such as Pushed/not Pushed; Exclude/Include; Matched/Unmatched/Manually Matched) will also get reset to a default status pending further action.


Purging selected items – Note: not yet in place, but to be added; a function to allow you to remove only selected items from the PDBHub Store Products table.

Automated purging – in some cases, items will be removed from the PDBHub Store Products table automatically.

  • Shopify: items that are deleted from Shopify are removed from PDBHub Store Products table on a weekly basis.

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