Wildflower Planting Guide

If You Have Wildflower Received Seeds

We hope you love the PDBeeHub Wildflower seeds you received, and get as much joy as we do, as they add bright blooms to your home!  We purchase these seeds from the amazing Eden Brothers, and are passing along some growing tips.

Seeds are perishable and care should be taken to ensure their future viability. Store your seeds in a cool, dry and dark location. Most seeds have a long shelf life, but heat and moisture will cut that life short. Dedicate a drawer or cabinet to storing your seeds where you can also house your gardening journal close at hand for dreaming, planning and preparing.

wildflowers from edenbrothers.com

Each mix contains 15 to 25 different wildflower species loved by butterflies and bees.

The following steps from Eden Brothers are designed to assist you in establishing a successful – and stunning – flower garden for years to come!

How to Plant Wildflowers from Seeds

Be sure to visit this flower planting guide page from Eden Brothers to learn more about:

  • When to Plant Flower Seeds
  • Where to Plant Flower Seeds
  • How to Plant Flower Seeds
  • How to Care for Flower Seeds

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