Checking SKUs for Sync Across Systems

These notes are written for using PDBHub in combination with STN Virtuemart eCommerce system. Additional related notes can be found on
POS Sync Management Tips
PDBHub Product Matchup and Creation


1. start with product editor, looking for oldest modified items

This is from your STN inline Product Editor:

2. In PDBHub Retail Portal, check Store Product feed

Start by adding/hiding columns to show only relevant info.

3. copy/paste from website to PDBHub to ensure you are checking data for exact corresponding items

(sometimes things like trailing spaces can be hard to spot, or 0 vs O)

4. A Full Inventory Sync can be useful for updating m-dates on items that are mostly static.

(check Action Log to see if Full Inventory Sync is complete… it can take 30 min or more if large data set is involved)

5. Then reload Product Editor to see any unsynced items:

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