Command – Ignore selected products (exclude/include)

Let’s say you have some items that you know you don’t want to matchup – for example, you may have store display items listed in your POS data feed.  You can use the ‘exclude selected products’ command to mark the Matching status of these items as “excluded”, allowing you to isolate these item when filtering items via the Matching Column.

Conversely, the ‘Include selected products’ command will remove the ‘excluded’ label of the Matching status for an item, and instead display it’s normal matching status.

When Excluded, an item:

  • will NOT get matched up automatically with global matchups
  • if already matched, the product data will NOT get pushed to your website
  • automated fill-in-the-blank features will be ignored for excluded items
  • if you are using PDBHUb to sync stock and pricing, the item WILL still sync those values to your website
  • if you select an excluded item and include it in a manual Push command, the item data WILL get pushed to the website

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