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Marking items on the fly while in the Check window

Faster Review: Use the [Mark >] button to checkmark items without leaving the Check/Compare Window.  Tip Use the Column filters to first isolate items you wish to work with. for example, all Automatically Matched items from a specific vendor. × Dismiss alert Check Window Options As you are reviewing matched items from your Store Products …

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What are ‘Commands’? Commands are actions you can run to push, pull, and adjust your data. You can do things like get product data from your ecom account, check products for matching product data, push data to your website, etc. Where to Run Commands After logging into Retail Portal, go to Data Feeds > Store …

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Command – Get all product data from (website or POS)

You can run the ‘Get All Product data from ______’ if you wish to reload you Store Products data with the most recent data from your ecommerce website or POS feed. This action command typically runs automatically for you every night, so you do not typically need to run it manually, but it can be …

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Command – Ignore selected products (exclude/include)

Let’s say you have some items that you know you don’t want to matchup – for example, you may have store display items listed in your POS data feed.  You can use the ‘exclude selected products’ command to mark the Matching status of these items as “excluded”, allowing you to isolate these item when filtering …

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