Command – Ignore selected products (exclude/include)

Let’s say you have some items that you know you don’t want to matchup – for example, you may have store display items listed in your POS data feed.  You can use the ‘exclude selected products’ command to mark the Matching status of these items as “excluded”, allowing you to isolate these item when filtering …

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WordPress WooCommerce Setup

Please contact your STN Support representative for assistance in setting up the STN Import Tool plugin Once setup, you can use your PDBHub Retail Portal login to control automated and manual product data pushes. (please check back here as we update support documentation for Retail Portal operations)

Pushing Product Data to Your Website

Push Item Data to Your Website After matching items, it’s easy to push that data to your website. You can push all supported product data, or use the Push As… option to push only specific data types. https://youtu.be/UqGO-ga9Smw Push Settings Push Settings allow you to set options for what data fields are pushed from the …

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Product Safety Warnings

Safety Warnings for the CPSC mandated choking hazards and for additional warnings as text alerts can be automatically added to your website from STN product data.* You can then also easily edit hazards within individual products on your website. CPSC 6 Mandated choking hazard warnings Additional safety alerts examples:Warning: Contains a button or coin battery.Warning: …

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Request Access to a Blocked Vendor

Use this form to request access to a line of blocked products. The PDBHub/STN Product Database system includes controls whereby Vendors may block a store’s access to provided product data. This is intentional, and gives Vendors a means of protecting their data. But, mistakes do happen, and when you are an approved retailer in good …

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Product Data Conversion – Age Ranges, Keywords, Fundamentals, etc.

Product data is converted in specific manners when being pushed to e-com platforms. Here are some of the most common conversion methods: Age Ranges A product’s recommended age range is stored in the STN product database as comma delimited age range IDs where, for example, “1,2,3” = From Birth up to 3rd Birthday.  STN Range …

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